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Built from our signature resource tracking project, the following directory provides FCAA members the ability to search for HIV-related grants by country, region, issue supported, and population served.

The membership directory also provides information on, and access to, other FCAA member organizations and staff. This powerful group disburses roughly half of total HIV-related philanthropy each year.

We encourage you to use these tools to connect with other FCAA members and:

  • Align available resources with critical needs;
  • Discover other organizations active in the countries that you fund;
  • Identify new partners and help leverage and strengthen your own work;
  • Build support for a new project or issue in an under-resourced country; 
  • Inform efforts of grantees and partners to increase long-term sustainability or programs; and, 
  • Access member-only resources, including recordings of funder-only conversations and webinars.

Questions, contact Cat Gironda Caterina@fcaaids.org