Are you a FCAA Member?

The FCAA Membership and Grants Directory allows registered staff of FCAA member organizations to search for HIV-related grants by country, region, issue supported, and population served, as well as access a directory of other FCAA member organizations and staff.


FCAA membership organizations disburse roughly 60% of total HIV-related grantmaking. We encourage you to use this directory to connect with other FCAA members and:

  • Align available resources with critical needs;
  • Discover other organizations active in the countries that you fund;
  • Identify new partners and help leverage and strengthen your own work;
  • Build support for a new project or issue in an under-resourced country; and
  • Inform efforts of grantees and partners to increase long-term sustainability or programs.


To find out if your organization is a current FCAA member, please visit a list of our current members on our website or contact Sarah Hamilton at