Grants Template

Please choose a template below and click the link to download!

This year we have added an additional template for intermediary funders. As we begin to collect more data from intermediaries, this template allows us to track who their funds are coming from, to ensure we do not double count resources. Please choose the intermediary template if you can report the origin of funds for each grant given. If this does not apply to you, please choose the standard template.

As a reminder, once you have selected your template, download and fill out the template with any HIV-related grants disbursed in calendar year 2023. The template offers a lot of input options, but please prioritize the following categories for each grant, and only complete the rest as you are able:

  • Grantee Name (can be listed as 'Anonymous' if this information is sensitive
  • Grant Amount disbursed and currency
  • Region/Country/US State (Area served by grant not necessarily the grantee location)
  • Grant description (the more info the better! Your grant descriptions are what we use to determine intended use, populations of focus and general strategy.)

Once completed, return to this Grant Submission Portal. Login for returning users or activate your account by clicking the "Activate Account" link on the login page, where you can insert your email address, set a new password, and then upload your template. If for any reason we do not have your email address on file, then you will be prompted to create an account and then upload your template, which we assure you will be done in an efficient and secure manner. 

Please send your grants lists by April 15, 2024!